GES4SEAS – a good environmental status for our four European seas

Since September 2022, MariLim works in the new EU innovation project GES4SEAS. It aims at predicting and assessing cumulative impacts from anthropogenic pressures (including climate change) on the coastal and marine ecosystems and their biodiviersity and on their ecosystem services. MariLim is one of 20 project partners which come from all over Europe and also include a partner from Canada. The project lasts for four years and aims to develop a practically oriented software toolbox for the prediction and assessment of these cumulative impacts. This will make it possible to assess the impacts in an ecosystem-based way in order to take the specific measures for achieving good environmental status and maintaining biodiveristy. The toolbox is targeted towards competent authorities and organisations on national, regional and european scale.

The project is part of the EU’s comprehensive Horizon Europe programme which aims to help stopping climate change, implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and strengthening growth and competitiveness in Europe.

Grant Agreement 101059877 – GES4SEAS

The GES4SEAS project has been approved under HORIZON-CL6-2021-BIODIV-01-04 call: “Assess and predict integrated impacts of cumulative direct and indirect stressors on coastal and marine biodiversity, ecosystems and their services”