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European Union, 7th Research Framework Programme
DEVOTES: Development of new innovative tools for the assessment of marine biodiversity and the good environmental status
Call ID FP7-ENV-2012-two-stage - Project No 308392 - Project start 2012

see also Project website 'DEVOTES'



State Agency for Agriculture, Nature and Environment (LANU)
Development of software for a semi-automatic import of ArcView-metadata into the national database for the coastal zone of North and Baltic Sea (NOKIS)
Project start 2006

GO Systemelektronik Kiel
Visualisation and interpolation of measuring data from an annular electrode of a submarine cable



European Union (EU), 5th Research Framework Programme
SEABEE: Development of an automatic mapping- and sampling-system for AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles)
EVK3-CT-2001-00050 - Project start 2003

State Agency for Agriculture, Nature and Environment (LANU)
Sampling of monitoring data of macrozoobenthos and macrophytes in shallow waters of the Baltic Sea.
Raw data and database draft



Development of data analysis- and visualisation-software (DAViT) for GIS and Remote Sensing

Development and implementation of a database structure for data management and data processing of biological monitoring data (Access, PostgreSQL)
Project start 2003



Construction of special sampling systems like sediment corer, grabber and diver-airlifts



Development of a UW-video-system with GPS-positions and data faded in the recording and a parallel data logging


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