Inventory  &  Assessment

MariLim offers the compilation of studies and expert advice. We focus on the following fields of work:

  • Inventory and mapping of fauna and flora
  • Studies regarding MSFD, WFD, FFH and Natura 2000
  • Biological long-term investigations
  • Fish inventory control and fish water surveys


Investigation  &  Securing of evidence

One of MariLim’s main working areas is the baseline survey and assessment of ecosystems in marine and limnic waters. We focus on:

  • Analyses of aquatic sediments
  • Analyses of biotic and abiotic parameters in water
  • Feasibility and EIA studies
  • Baseline surveys for building measures


Management  &  Concept

MariLim offers the planning and organisation of projects and processes. All management plans and suggestions for measures are based on the current national and international provisions and guidelines.

  • Renaturation and compensatory measures
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Quality management and environmental education


Research  &  Development

Research and development projects have a long tradition at MariLim. MariLim has been the partner of universities and contractor of support projects of the state and federal ministries for science, research and economics. These works can be summarised belonging to the following categories:

  • Marine biotechnology
  • Development of software and hardware
  • Complementary studies for monitoring and applied research


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