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Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Department Experimental Ecology
New mapping of underwater habitats in the nature reserve Schleimündung

Within a master thesis at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel a mapping of the underwater area at the seaside of the nature protection area “Schleimünde” is performed by using ship operated video recordings. The survey is supposed to give an overview regarding the mussel beds and especially point out possible changes, since the nature protection area “Schleimünde” gives shelter not only to numerous water birds, but also several thousand Eider ducks (Somateria mollissima), which use the area as winter resting place. For them blue mussels are an important food source. The data are analysed in a cooperation between university and economy by a student working at the company MariLim.



State Agency for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas (LLUR)
MSFD: Investigations of macrophyte biodiversity. Qualification of WFD-monitoring data for MSFD



Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
Research project „Taxonomy, morphology and distribution of the green algae genus Ulva (Enteromorpha) along the German Baltic Sea (ULVENTAX)“
FKZ: 370725201 - Project start 2007



Association of producing mussel fishermen in Schleswig-Holstein (registered)
Research project for the exploitation of seed mussels in the conservation area Beltringharder Koog

BioConsult SH
Blue mussel cultivation in Flensburg Fjord: Video analyses of potential cultivation sites
Project start 2007



Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)
Implementation of a monitoring- and reporting-concept for Natura 2000-areas in the German North and Baltic Sea
Project start 2005



Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)
Evaluation of industrial fisheries in the Baltic Sea. Characterisation of potential protection sites as well as studies for an ecosystematic-orientated fishery
FKZ 802 25 010 - Project start 2002



State Agency for Agriculture, Nature and Environment (LANU)
Testing of a new monitoring concept to improve the statistical data quality



Cure Operating Company Kellenhusen
Assessment of the damage of the pier in Kellenhusen caused by the shipworm



State Agency for Agriculture, Nature and Environment (LANU) and Insitute for Marine Sciences (IfM), Kiel University
Development and testing of a sampling strategy for a monitoring of idle fish species in the Baltic Sea



Laboratory experiments to determine the consumption rates of Paracentrotus lividus feeding on different macrophytes in shallow waters of Campese Bay (Giglio), Italy



District Transport Services Schleswig-Flensburg
Assessment of the damage of the ferry pier in Langballigau caused by the shipworm Teredo navalis


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