Investigation boat  “Benthos”

  • Open diving and work boat, dinghy
  • Company C. Pischel
  • Length, width, depth: 6,9 x 2,8 x 0,7m
  • Motor: 100 PS Outboard motor
  • Boat equipment: Philips AP-Navigator with differential antenna (Position preciseness better 5m or Leica GS 50, portable measuring- DGPS), Raytheon color echograph

Investigation boat  “MariLim II”

  • Open diving and work boat
  • Aluminium, Company AlumaCraft, type Jon 1648
  • Length, Width, Depth: 4,6 x 1,8 x 0,5 m
  • Motor: 15 PS Outboard motor or electromotor
  • Boat equipment: portable GPS-Navigator with differential antenna or Leica GS 50, portable DGPS, echo sounder, UKW-handheld transceiver

Sampling devices

  • van-Veen grabs for the extraction of benthos and sediment samples
  • Sediment corers for the extraction of uninterrupted sediment cores
  • Fishing gear (dredges, gill- und dragnets, bow nets, devices for electrofishing)
  • Multiprobes for the acquistion of chemical and physical parameters
  • Water ladle, Plankton nets

Survey and mapping

  • Conventional surveying devices for ocean mapping
  • Echo sounder for seabed mapping, linked to DGPS
  • Under water videosystem with integrated display of GPS position and depth, for seabed mapping (recorded digitally or with S-VHS)
  • DGPS devices from LEICA GEOSYSTEMS (GS 50-Sensor with precision of 0,3–1,0 m)

Laboratory equipment

  • Binocular stereo magnifiers and microscopes
  • Dry laboratories, muffel furnaces
  • Analytical balances
  • Photometer
  • Freeze dryer
  • Vacuumpump
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Ultraturrax/Ultrasonic bath

Diving devices

  • diving equipment for nine research divers
  • Compressor PE 250-MVE (220 bar)
  • UW video 3 Chip-CCD diver-operated (recording digitally or Hi 8)
  • UW photo, handheld or frame-supported for planar photography 0,5 x 0,5 m
  • Airlift, diver-operated
  • Frame and corer for quantitative and uninterupted sampling
  • Hoistingballons

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